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First Aid & Safety

First Aid Products

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Affordable First Aid and Safety provide superior customer service and first aid supplies throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C.

We supply a variety of products including:

  • First Aid Cabinets
  • Tablets (Pain Reliever, Ibuprofen, Cold Tablets, Antacids)
  • Variety of Bandages
  • Ointments (Triple Antibiotic, Biofreeze, Sunsscreen)
  • Sprays (Cold Spray, Isopropyl Alcohol)
  • Wound Care (Hygenic Cleaning Wipes, Snake Bite Kit)
  • Specialty Skin Care (Blistex)
  • Gauze/Dressings (Sterile Trauma Dressing)
  • Wraps/Tape (Adhesive Tape, Cohesive Gauze)
  • Ice & Hot Packs (Large and Small)
  • Burn Care/Sprays (Burn Free, Burn Aid, Water Jel)
  • Eyewash Stations (Eye Flush Station, Gravity Fed Eye Wash Station)
  • Wipes and Cleaners
  • Vehicle Kits

"Affordable First Aid and Safety, make us your preferred vendor!"